Arab League

The Arab World Institute results from a partnership between France and the Arab League member States. It is a private foundation which aims at raising (further) awareness - in France and Europe - of the Arab world’s contribution to universal civilization, and promoting dialogue between the Arab world and Western countries.

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IMA / Fabrice Cateloy

The Arab World Institute is mainly funded by the French government, and occasionally so by Arab States. For instance, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar recently contributed to the redesign of AWI’s Museum, the renovation of the library, and the rehabilitation of the façade’s mashrabiyas (work in progress).

Arab League in Paris

Arab League Ambassador


Ambassador of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

Saudi ArabiaAmbassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

BahrainAmbassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain


Ambassador of the Comoros

DjiboutiAmbassador of the Republic of Djibouti

EgyptAmbassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt

United Arab EmiratesAmbassador of the United Arab Emirates

IraqAmbassador of the Republic of Iraq

JordanAmbassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

KuwaitAmbassador of the State of Kuwait

LebanonChargé d'affaires a. i. of the Lebanese Republic

LibyaAmbassador of Libya

MoroccoAmbassador of the Kingdom of Morocco

MauritaniaAmbassador of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania

OmanAmbassador of the Sultanate of Oman

PalestineAmbassador of Palestine to France

QatarAmbassador of the State of Qatar

SomaliaAmbassador of Somalia

SudanAmbassador of the Republic of Sudan

TunisiaAmbassador of the Tunisian Republic

YemenChargée d'affaires a. i. of the Republic of Yemen

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