The History of the Arab World Encounters

This event sets out to understand the history of the Arab world and its contemporary challenges. It takes the form of a ‘great popular university’ that runs for three days and admission is free.

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Since 2015, the History of the Arab World Encounters have been one of The Arab World Institute’s flagship events. Based on the model of the History of the Château of Blois event, and in partnership with the latter, this yearly event comprises three successive days of reflection on a particular theme. The event provides a unique opportunity to grasp and comprehend the Arab world and its history, and understand the contemporary challenges it faces.

Historians, writers, political figures, and journalists participate in this annual theme and provide an exhaustive panorama of the important events in the history of the Arab world.

The event takes various forms: debates about current affairs, round tables, presentations of works, conferences, educational workshops, and book signing sessions. These ‘Encounters’ provide a better understanding of world affairs. They shed light on the essential role played in it by the Arab peoples over the centuries.

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