Abdulqader al Rais

Retrospective Exhibition
  • 25 September 2018 to 21 October 2018
Abdulqader al Rais

For the first time in France, a retrospective will showcase the works one of the Contemporary Arab Art’s pioneers: Abdulqader Al Rais. The artist is celebrated in the United Arab Emirates as a major painter who managed to commingle modernity and tradition and that, through a constantly evolving artwork. 

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Abdul Qader al Rais, "from the Serenity series ", 2017
Abdulqader al Rais, from the Serenity series, watercolor on paper, 207 x 157 cm, 2017. D.R.
Abdul Qader al Rais, "Obeid and Moza",1973
Abdulqader al Rais, Obeid and Moza, oil on canvas, 53 x 75 cm, 1973. D.R.
Abdul Qader al Rais, "from the Yesteryear series ", 2007
Abdulqader al Rais, from the Yesteryear series, watercolor on paper, 157 x 207 cm, 2007. D.R.
Abdul Qader al Rais, "The Chair ", 2012
Abdulqader al Rais, The Chair, watercolor on paper, 157 x 257 cm, 2012. D.R.

This unique retrospective will go through the career of the Emirati artist from his first artworks back in the 1960s in Kuwait as well as his latest paintings specifically made in favour of this exhibition. Visitors will be able to look further into his style evolution, ranging from adopting a figurative style up to an abstract one, as well as to appreciate his pictorial research, being pictorial research conducted by an indefatigable explorer of motifs, shapes and colours, an explorer who managed to reinterpret these typical elements in the light of pictorial modernity, thing that breathed life into the most iconic artwork of the United Arab Emirates and established a school of art that is influencing the new generation.

The artworks featured in the exhibition reflect his interest in traditional architecture as well landscapes, thing that is greatly shown through his tireless repetition of the same team, a habit that bears witness of his research conducted in terms of technics and colours. Moreover, recently, the artist has turned into adopting more abstract topics that blend calligraphy and geometric forms, thing that resulted in artwork characterised by very bright colours and thick brushstrokes that create a visual impression based on depth and a luminous vibration. 

More informations

Abdulqader Al Rais was born in 1951, in Dubai where he participated, since the 1970s, at collective exhibitions before organizing, as of 1974, several individual exhibitions and that, at all the Emirates, of which the most recent was held in Abu Dhabi in 2016. In fact, Al Rais can pride himself for having his artwork featured in the most prestigious museums worldwide. One of his paintings was exhibited at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva for over six months. In 2006, his artwork was awarded the annual Emirates Appreciation Award for Science, Arts, and Literature for the “Photography and Painting” category.

Exhibition organised by Dubai Culture & Arts Authority

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