The Arab World Institute would like to thank all the patrons and sponsors for their commitment to the Institute and their contribution to its development.

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Exhibitions and the associated cultural programme  

‘Oriental Gardens: From the Alhambra to the Taj Mahal’

Fondation Total mécène de l'IMA  Layer partenaire de l'Institut du monde arabe  RATP mécène expo Jardins IMA 

Piante Faro partenaire Institut du monde arabeRadice Pura partenaire expo Jardins IMA  Tracer partenaire expo Jardins Institut du monde arabe  Caisse des dépôts partenaire de l'IMA  Neolux partenaire expo Jardins IMA  Jardins de Gally partenaire de l'expo Jardins d'Orient

‘I AM with them’

Compagnie de Phalsbourg partenaire expo IMA  InfoLink partenaire expo IMA

Educational and social projects

Contemporary Music Workshop

Caisse des dépôts partenaire de l'IMA

Educational package for children

Chaabi Bank partenaire Institut du monde arabe


A ‘Table du Toucher’ (a ‘touch table’ for visitors, including those with visual impairments) is available in the AWI Museum

Terre de Cultures partenaire IMA

Arabic language courses

Bertrand Chokrane Consulting partenaire Institut du monde arabe


Altran partenaire de l'IMA

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