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Urban Development in the Arab World

Urban Development in the Arab World
Rencontre économique IMA développement urbain dans le monde arabe
IMA / Thierry Rambaud

Economic Forum, 17 March 2015

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Arab towns and cities, which are experiencing some of the highest urban growth (around 4% per year) in the world, have to cope with the constant demand for infrastructures and services provision.

This round table enabled the participants to take stock of the various challenges faced by these urban centres, and explored ways of satisfying their immediate requirements while supporting their transition to more sustainable development. The discussion centred on their diverse situations, particularly in terms of financial capacities and political stability, and explored various issues, possible initiatives, and innovative solutions that are being implemented in the Arab countries.


  • François-Xavier Perin, President of the Directory of RATP Dev
  • Mazen Al Sawwaf, Vice-Chairman of Global Investment
  • Charbel Aoun, President of Smart Cities at Schneider Electric
  • Fouad Awada, Deputy Managing Director of the Institut d’Aménagement et d’Urbanisme Île-de-France (the Greater Paris Region Institute for Urban Planning and Development)
  • Bruno Hervet, Executive Vice-President, ‘Smart and Sustainable Cities’ (Suez Environnement)

Debate chaired by Serge Michel, Editor-in-Chief of Monde Afrique

Article published on03/23/2015

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