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  • 8 March 2019
Women citizens!

Once a quarter (October – March – June) and during a whole afternoon, from 2 to 8 pm, the Forums will give the floor to Arab civil society members on prevailing social thematic which have an echo in both the Arab World and France.

Arab World citizens who are committed daily in their countries are thus invited to share with the Arab World Institute’s audience their testimonies, experiences, aspirations & hope. 

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Zainab Fasiki

What is the reality of women’s status in Arab countries? Is there only one reality or a variety of situations? What are the Arab women’s daily struggles? Are they specific to Arab countries or do they have commonalities with those conducted in France?

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, the Arab World Institute invites Arab women citizens to express themselves and share their experiences and testimonies about their daily struggles in their countries.

Activists, entrepreneurs, artists, bloggers, researchers, they come to dialogue and share with the audience of the Arab World Institute their backgrounds, their inspirations and their points of view on the status of women in their countries. The 9 participants invited for this Forum are all citizens involved in the women empowerment in their countries. They come from different parts of the Arab World (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon & Palestine) in order to provide an exhaustive overview of the different issues that cross the area.

Program for the 8 March Forum

2 pm | Performance

by the artist and Instagram personality Lisa Bouteldja(France)


2.30 pm| Talk #1 : Reinventing women's engagement

With: Nay El Rahi, co-founder of the HarassTracker app (Lebanon); Yasmeen Mjalli, social entrepreneur, activist & founder of the brand BabyFist (Palestine); Inas Miloud, gender advisor, feminist activist and founder of the Tamazight Women Movement (Libya)

Animation : Jean-Marie Durand, independant journalist (ex-Les Inrocks, France Culture, La revue du Crieur...)


4.00 pm| Film screening & debate: Womanhood, an Egyptian kaleidoscope

With: Florie Bavard, director and co-producer of the web-documentary, PhD student in anthropology (Paris-Diderot University/URMIS) (France) and Shahinaz Abdel Salam, cyberactivist, founder of the blog "Wa7da masriya, Egyptian and everywoman" and author of the book Egypte, les débuts de la liberté (2011, ed. Michel Lafon) (Egypt)

5.30 pm | Talk #2 : Art is also feminine

With: Bochra Triki, , founder of the “Chouf” association and co-organizer of the Chouftouhonna Festival (Tunisia); Zoulikha Tahar "Toute fine", », writer and slammer (Algeria);Zainab Fasiki, illustrator, feminist activist and founder of the educational platform Hshouma (Morocco)
Talk moderated by Yasmine Youssi, editor-in-chief of Télérama’s cultural pages.

7 pm | Slam performance

by Zoulikha Tahar accompanied by Samuel Cyrus Chalom (cello)


7.15 pm| Discussion with the audience


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