The Wednesday Café Littéraire

For 10 years, the Arab World Institute has been paying tribute to authors with its Café Littéraire.

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On two Wednesdays each month, François Zabbal invites an author for an informal discussion about the theme of their latest work. The Wednesday Café Littéraire focuses on diverse themes in contemporary literature—novels, travel stories, political essays, and books on art, archaeology, and history.

Each author is asked to talk about his or her work, and explains his or her ideas and approach in front of a small audience. Limited to 60 places, the Café Littéraire on the AWI’s ground floor promotes an informal exchange of ideas in a convivial atmosphere.

Given the increasing number of published works, the Café Littéraire sessions are part of an approach that aims at promoting and defending literature, including works that have received little publicity. This therefore gives authors who are unknown to the general public an opportunity to talk about their work to a non-specialist audience.

The author’s book is on sale at the entrance of the room and the Café Littéraire ends with a book signing session. The Café Littéraire is open to anyone, within the limit of available places. The sessions also provide the audience with an opportunity to relax and savour gourmet food or drink a glass of mint tea.

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