Arab Language and Civilisation Centre

The Centre de Langue et de Civilisation has the same objectives as The Arab World Institute: to disseminate to as broad an audience as possible the contemporary Arab world and its culture, via the Arabic language.

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The AWI’s Centre de Langue et de Civilisation (Language and Civilisation Centre) has a range of objectives, namely to:

  • promote the Arabic language as a language of communication;
  • contribute, via the Arabic language, to a better understanding of the contemporary Arab world;

and organise Arabic language courses to cater for the different needs of individuals and organisations (adults, young people, and companies) in an agreeable environment:

  • on site at the IMA or its partner in the heart of historic Paris;  
  • in small classes;
  • and with the prospect of a linguistic and cultural trip to an Arab country.

The Centre also produces educational and multimedia material:

  • Learning resources created by education professionals, such as the Ahdāf manual, which was co-published in 2015 with Éditions DIDIER;
  • and a bilingual quarterly educational magazine that introduces readers to the Arab press and culture: Al Moukhtarat

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