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Auditorium de l'Institut du monde arabe IMA / Fabrice Cateloy

The auditorium

The auditorium is fully equipped with sound, lighting, and projectors. This area can accommodate a variety of events: conferences, seminars, symposiums, conventions, film screenings (DCP), theatre shows, and so on.


  • On the stage (105 m2): tables and chairs for the participants, as well as a lectern
  • In the room: 364 black armchairs and 56 folding chairs

Technical equipment  

  • Sound and recording equipment
  • 2 booths for translators or a production office
  • Projection room (16 mm and 35 mm film)—Christie CP2220 digital cinema projector 
  • Two screens: 12 x 5.80 m and 8 x 4.50 m
  • Scenic lighting (140 traditional projectors)
  • Delivery to the floor via the car park
  • Air-conditioning
  • 4 dressing rooms, a small kitchen, makeup mirrors, and Italian showers

Plan de l'auditorium IMA

Download the description (2.15 MB)

Salle hypostyle Institut du monde arabe IMA / Fabrice Cateloy

The hypostyle room

Located on the same floor as the auditorium, this vast 900-m2 space with its 120 columns provides an original setting that can accommodate all kinds of events: exhibitions, fashion shows, promotional meetings, cocktails, and so on. The charge is added to the charge of the auditorium.

Please note: according to your requirements, you will need to establish an occupancy perimeter for the room during the preparatory stage. This will dictate the surface area required for the caterer, as well as the technical service providers.

plan de la salle hypostyle IMA

Salle du haut conseil à l'Institut du monde arabe IMA / Fabrice Cateloy

The High Council room

This 260-m2 room, with its adjoining 40-m2 smoking area, can accommodate up to 200 seated persons and 300 for a cocktail party. It is an ideal space for holding seminars, gala dinners, receptions, cocktails, weddings, showrooms, fashion shows, and shooting films.


  • Black conference chairs, stages, and tables
  • 200 grey chairs
  • 2 offices, including one with a water point for catering in the room

Technical equipment 

  • Sound control (diffusion and amplification)
  • Translation equipment
  • Recording
  • Air-conditioning
  • Adjustable and atmospheric lighting
  • Deliveries can be made to this floor via an elevator 

Download the specifications (1.52 MB)

Fumoir salle du haut conseil IMA IMA / Fabrice Cateloy
Terrasse panoramique Institut du monde arabe IMA / Fabrice Cateloy

Panoramic terrace

The terrace, located on the AWI’s ninth and top floor, offers a magnificent view of the nearby Notre-Dame Cathedral. Depending on the weather, this 300 m2 open-air area can be set out to host a cocktail party, a seated dinner, film shoots, a vantage point for photos, product launches, and so on.

The terrace can be used for private functions as a complement to the High Council room or the Zyriab Restaurant on the same floor.

plan de la terrasse panoramique IMA

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