3rd EDITION / The ‘Friends of the Arab World Institute AWARD for Arab contemporary creation’

The ‘Friends of the Arab World Institute (AWI) Award for Arab contemporary creation’ highlights emerging visual artists from the Arab World.  

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Bady Dalloul, 2018 Award Winner 

The Friends of The Arab World Institute (AWI),  have awarded unanimously Bady DALLOUL, Franco-syrian artist, for his project The Arabian Canal Document (Qanat al Akhar).

3rd Edition : the Suez Canal

The Third edition of the Award is organized as part of “The Saga of the Suez Canal Saga” collective exhibition, which is inaugurated in March 2018, 28th at the AWI.

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AWI Award Prix des Amis de l'IMA The Arabian Canal Document (Qanat al Akhar) Bady Dalloul
Bady Dalloul Lauréat Prix AMIS IMA 2018 The Arabian Canal Document (Qanat al Akhar) Bady Dalloul

AWI Friends AWARD : to support young artists  

  • The Price supports the production of an artwork (€ 5000 grant)
  • The winner participates to a collective exhibition into the Arab World Institute
  • The awarded artwork enters the AWI museum collections

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 PRIX SAIMA pour la creation contemporaine arabe    FMM


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